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I believe in being responsive to the course of work instead of trying to control it. Even if it means staying in something for a long time, or returning to the same theme over and over again. This work method relates to boredom in a way. I welcome this and I am always trying to translate the core of this feeling into my work. Stagnancy and doldrum are to me extremly interesting states that I want to examin in my artistic practice. I want to emphasize what doesn't happen while everything is going on as usual.

Moa Israelsson is a visual artist, born in Ljungby 1982. Lives and works in Åkers Styckebruk. She graduated from the Royal University Collage of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 2010. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in several museums and galleries both in Sweden and internationally. Including Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Lars Bohman Gallery and Galerie Forsblom.


Tel: +46 (0)738332234