Don't let the Sadness of the Swamp get to you, 2009.
Sculptures + video. foam-rubber, silicon 40x40x60cm
The art work contains a number of swamp models and a slideshow where the camera moves over wilderness vegetation in the American south. Together the models in the slideshow give the impression of an impermeable wilderness.

Rest area, 2010-2012.
Sculpture + video.
Polyesterplastic, 30x30x40cm.

Rest area is about specific areas on the sea floor. A rest area is a place where a diver has died, functioning as a memorial for the survivors.

Ship Accident, Boat Crashes. 2011
Video 5:04 min
The film Ship Accidents, Boat Crashes show never-ending tracking shots of cargo ships being wrecked at sea, the aesthetic draws from similar slideshows found on the Internet.


areawildernesss, 2008.

A fictional realestate company, selling properties in the backwoods and in the outskirts of small towns. Based on existing realestate companies in the US.

ForstGates, 2011-
Sculptures + website.
Styrofoam, plaster, polyester.
Webbased partly fictional Sign Monument Company that is torned between fiction and reality. Click on image to watch full scale objects on site and visit website. ForstGates was founded in 2011.

Cleaning products, 2006
Sculptures. plaster 200x180x60cm

Different types of cleaning products made out of plaster lined up next to each other on shelves.


Nameless Lakes, 2012
Sculptures + video 1:44min
Polyester, wire, modellingclay, epoxi. 30x30x50cm

Nameless Lakes allow the viewer the position of an alligator or a catfish, right below the water surface, surrounded by muddy liquid, roots and reeds.
Wrecks, 2012
Sculptures + video 3:15 min
Epoxy, fine turf. 65x25x20cm

Picturing models of wrecks, the video aims to take part in the same terms as any original documentation of existing shipwrecks do. But it performs in a fictional world, with a slight shift in existence.
Oak Glen RV Park, 2013
Sculptures + website
Polyester, wire, miniwell, foamrubber. 47x75x25cm

The attached website and the brochure allow for optimism towards a future to come, as well as for the present and a distant past. The sculptures bear witness of the changes and transformations that happened over time.

An ongoing project including Sculptures, Photos, miniature models and Scented Candles. Exhibition opening Fall 2016 at Lars Bohman Gallery!

ArtResLab Hagastaden- a collaboration between artists and Life Science researchers to present proposals for public art in Hagastaden. Invited by Statens Konstråd, Stockholm Konst and Stockholms Läns Landsting. My proposal consists of a group of trees filled with dreamcatchers surrounded with circular stone formations on the ground. Together they give the impression that you are standing on an old sacred ground.